Lakehurst Air Show: June 03, 2001

On June 03, 2001, my father an I attended the Air Show at Lakehurst Naval Air Base. Yes, this is the airbase where the Hindenburg went down. Below are a few pictures of our trip.
As you move towards the area of the show, you pass the historic Hanger #1, used in the 1930's for the huge air ships before their demise. My father did electrical work in the building, and pointed out to me that it is a looooong way from the ceiling to the floor .
They placed a few M1 tanks around, I suspect for display purposes. Pretty impressive.
Holy Cow, this is for real! Ok, they were not really bombing us . This was part of the show. A re-enactment of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, using planes from the recent movie, was carried out in a field at Lakehurst. The explosives were ground-based, and the planes didn't drop any ordance, but it looked pretty darn cool.
A P-40, a plane in the US inventory at the start of WW2 and used by the Flying Tigers to defend China from Japan.
One of the planes after making a ``pass'' over the field.
Also during the Pearl Harbor re-enactment, an explosion as a plane swoops by.
The old F-86 Sabre, which fought over Korea. I've personally always found it to be one of the perty'est planes around, but then again, I also liked to the look of the A-10.
An F-16, I believe from the NJ Air National Guard. The crew appear to have a dilemna ... let those damn civies near the plane or be rude.
Among the more awe-inspiring moments at the air show, a pair of B-1 bombers flew overhead, making 2 passes. With the recent addition of JDAM, these planes are now capable dropping bombs accurately on targets, but they are still also capable of the heaviest carpet bombing load of any heavy bomber.

Ed Roskos