Scenes From My Computer Room: 2005-02-26

Decided to post a few pictures from my computer room at home, where I do too much work. I have some oak shelves with antique holiday decorations from the 50's and 60's. There were three deer which were also walking by during the day. I was able to take a picture of a couple of them. At night, I sometimes hear owls howling. It is a very nice place to work.
I was able to get a little zoom on one of the deer. The other two had already moved on.
A quick shot of two of the deer. The third is hiding in there somewhere, I believe. A couple of the deer are about to be startled, I think by a squirrel ruffling some sticks nearby.
Some Halloween decorations I keep year round. At night, I have a total of 23 decoration lights glowing orange around the room, with another two orange lights making a total of 25 7-watt bulbs glowing orange. I find it oddly relaxing basking in the glow of my favorite color. And no, Halloween is not my favorite holiday, but my second favorite. Christmas takes first prize.
My XMas light-up decorations which I keep up year-round. I don't seem to light these up as much, since I prefer the orange glow.

Ed Roskos